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ASD Reading Review: For Children With Autism and Learning Disabilities

My 10 year old daughter has selective mutism and developmental delays that has been our challenge as a family. Once, she was held back a grade. Her school has been having difficulties testing her too, because she doesn’t read out loud for testing purposes. She can read and spell, but you can tell that at times she struggles with comprehension and speed. I have encouraged her to play with various reading/word games online, but this …

Roadside Accessories: Tiger Straps Ratchet Tie-Downs Review

I received my package of the Tiger Straps Utility Trailer Ratchet Tie Down Straps just in time for a camping trip last weekend! Yes, I know… it’s crazy, but we organized winter camping for our local youth group at 30-degree nighttime temperatures in northeast Texas. We survived, that’s for sure!

Tiger Tie Down Straps-4PK-Extra Long 20ft -500lb Load Cap, The Ultimate Utility Trailer Tiedowns, These Tie Down Straps Have A 1500lb Break Strength. Premium Heavy Duty Locking Straps Tiedowns

The Tiger Straps Utility Trailer Ratchet Tie Down Straps came in handy because at the last minute I decided to bring my 4×8 trailer along …

Home & Outdoors Accessory: ECOGEAR FX Pro Series TK120 LED Tactical Flashlight Review

For the outdoor enthusiast, I’d recommend this powerful ECOGEAR FX Pro Series TK120 LED Flashlight for your nighttime adventures. It is one of the most complete flashlight package I have ever had.

EcoGear FX Tactical LED Flashlight Kit (TK120): Bright LED Flashlight with Zoom Function and 5 Light Modes - Includes Rechargeable Batteries, Battery Charger and a Durable Storage Box

Mine arrived without any issues in the mail, and was packaged in a nice retail box (packaged better than most flashlights I’ve bought, might I add). Unboxed, you will find the following contents:

ECOGEAR FX Pro Series TK120 LED Tactical Flashlight Review

– LED flashlight
– a battery charger that can …

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