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Gadgets and Electronics: Athentek Circo Real Time GPS Tracker Review

This is a nifty little gadget that you can use pretty much to track anything you might want to keep an eye on! I am referring to the Circo Real Time GPS Tracker as shown below. Small enough to fit a lot of uses!

Circo Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker For Your Children, Elders And Pets, Item Finder, Phone Finder Review

I received mine quickly with no shipping uses and was really excited to test it out. Unboxed, this is what you should get:

Athentek Circo Real Time GPS Tracker Review

Possible Ideas for Using the Athentek Circo Real

iMustech Car Phone Holder Air Vent Mount Review

iMustech Car Phone Holder Air Vent Mount Review

I received this iMustech Car Phone Mount at a good deal and so far I’ve been able to put it into good use. It arrived without issues via 2-day shipping, and was packaged good as expected.

What is Good About the iMustech Car Air Vent Phone Holder

We recently traveled 6 hours for a wedding and this hasn’t disappointed. It held my wife’s smartphone/GPS without issues and was stable. Based on others I’ve tried in …

Review of Handmade Men’s Leather Wallet Sold by KP Inc Products

It’s been awhile since I have used bigger wallets. I’ve been using slim clip wallets for the last several years because I don’t want to carry anything bulky. However, I wanted to give the bigger wallets another shot since I’m usually running out of space and don’t have enough room for necessities. Surprisingly, this Handmade Men’s Leather Wallet sold by KP Inc Products did not disappoint!

Review of the Genuine Handmade Leather Best Mens Wallets For Men-Bifold Trifold Cool Slim ID Zipper Review

It arrived in the mail without problem. It came …

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