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Hunting Accessories: Sniper Outfitters L & XL Ghillie Hunting Camo Suit Review

The Sniper Outfitters L & XL Ghillie Hunting Camo Suit arrived in the mail in a yellow padded packaging, in good condition. It was secured in a tightly-sealed plastic container.

Best Recommended Sniper Outfitters and Tactical Gear Ghillie Hunting Camouflage Suit Review

I was hesitant at first whether the sizing was correct, and was worried that the ghillie/hunting camo suit may be too big, considering the sticker label said L & XL. I am at least 5′-7″ and around 160 lbs, but normally I wear clothing in …

Kitchen Accessories: WilliSmart Bag Heat Sealer Review

With 3 kids at home, we have leftover snack bags laying around everywhere at home. Sometimes I see leftover chips in the pantry, but by the time I find the bag, the chips are already stale. Thank goodness for the WilliSmart Bag Heat Sealer!

WilliSmart Handheld Heat Seal Bag Sealer Review

It kind of reminds me of an advanced version of what I observed that my grandparents used to do when I was smaller — when they used to put the …

Health Supplements: NutraEdge Triple Strength Fish Oil Review

TRIPLE STRENGTH Fish Oil 180 Softgels - Ultimate Omega-3, 3000mg Fish Oil, High Content of DHA & EPA, No Fishy Aftertaste, Supports Joint & Skin Health, Maintains Normal Heart, Brain & Immune Function

Being into graphic designs myself, what attracted me to the NutraEdge Triple Strength Fish Oil packaging and labeling is it’s high-contrast design which stood out. So with that alone, I already feel excited upon opening the shipment… and makes me feel more confident of what the supplement can offer!

I only mention this because I’ve had fish oil supplements before with “boring” presentation — some of which looks like somebody in a house garage somewhere …

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