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Kitchen Accessories Review: iMustech 5 Pcs Fruit Knives and Slicer Set

The iMustech multi-pack knife set provides a variety of options for cutting and slicing different fruits. If you love to eat fruits and want to save on time, you might find the iMustech 5 Pcs Fruit Knives Set a convenient set of accessories to keep in the kitchen.

iMustech 5 Pcs Fruit Knives Set, Fruit Slicer, Melon Baller/Scoop + Pineapple Corer + Banana Peeler + Strawberry Huller + Vegetable Cutters, Tong, Fruit Carving, Excellent Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

The set will come wrapped together in plastic covering, but each (it looks like) was made to be sold separately. There is no overall retail box for …

Children’s Toys: NUBARKO Fidget Spinner Review

As you might have noticed, almost every kid these days have a fidget spinner they are “fidgeting” with. It’s gone to the point where everywhere I look, I can see fidget spinners spinner all over the place, especially when I’m in an area with a lot of children like a school or playground. I thought the craze would end, but it hasn’t slowed down in my area. For the parent who is still considering, here’s …

HDCRAFTER Men’s Metal Frame Polarized Sunglasses Review

I like to save money whenever I could, and this aviator-style HDCRAFTER Men’s Polarized Sunglasses is much better than paying for the $300+ name-brand competitor!

Review HDCRAFTER Polarized Sunglasses for Men UV400 Protection Lenses Metal Frame Review

Don’t get me wrong, the price might be cheaper but the HDCRAFTER Men’s Polarized Sunglasses set delivers like you’re buying from the top end! You’ll get a complete package of goodies that included the following:

– HDCRAFTER Men’s Metal Frame Polarized Sunglasses
– a nice sunglasses case, with clip (which …

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